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Name: Sors Immanis
Genre: Death Metal
Heimat: Wien / Österreich
Im Shop seit: 20.11.2014

Brutal gear for brutal people!

Sors Immanis, to be understood as a synonyme for agony, wrath, hate, woe, death and all evil that lurks in the darkness.....is an austrian death/thrash metal band, which rised up out of it´s own ashes to be reborn as an overwhelming pest to mankind.

there are 5 warriors of hatred and doom, 5 profaners, known as:

The Leech, which plays on the strings of cruelty
Mordred: he´s slicing out the guts of his victims, so he has always fresh strings on his guitar
Typhon: he is the preacher of hell, he delivers abomination to all disbelievers..
Shamael the Destroyer: crushes down his enemies with notes of evil...
Sergeant Hammergeil: when you hear his warbattery...well..it´s the last thing you´ll hear, whilst you call yourself "living"

every single one of the 5 beasts of evil craves for blood...and they will be fed...you´re agony is nothing but fresh meat for those eyesores of nature...

prepare to die...if you can....

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