Bioluminescence (2011)

Double Album, jewel case

After Kadavrik released their first 2 albums "...Until the Die is Cast" (2007) and "Wine will turn to Blood again" (2009) on their own, Sonic Attack rereleased them as a double album.

prelisten here:

CD 1
1. Cryophobia
2. Icecold Winter’s Grave
3. Above the Weak
4. The Voice Beside
5. Dyster
6. Thin and Frail
7. Alive with Nothingness
8. Baptized in Alcohol
9. The Die Is Cast

CD 2
1. Kadavrik Ascending
2. Hope Springs Eternal
3. Wherever My Path Leads
4. Dead Body Testament
5. From Your Breed
6. Insight Down
7. Krunk
8. Random Reality
9. On the Edge to Loose it All
10. In Nothing You Believe
11. Wine Will Turn To Blood Again

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