Etching GRIMM II

colour: brown or black

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The etchings were made by Talissa Mehringer:
"To create the Kadavrik album art, the images inspired by stories of the Brothers Grimm where first drawn and developed on paper to reflect the mood and lyrics of the albums. The artwork was then transferred onto synthetic plates using the drypoint etching technique which consists of directly scratching the drawings into the plates with a steel needle. After that, the plates were inked and gradually wiped down using cheese cloth. The first layer of etching ink was applied rather thickly with a roller, covering the entire plates. The ink was then pushed into the etched grooves using circular motions simultaneously creating an antique distressed effect on the un-etched surfaces. Excess ink is gradually and gently wiped away leaving the desired amount for printing. Finally, each plate was individually positioned on a sheet of high quality etching paper on a printing press and manually printed."

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